One Punch Man shoot

One Punch Man group photoshoot with the outstanding Catberry Photography. Scroll down for cosplay page links. I’ve only included a few from the set, and for obvious reasons the ones I’ve chosen for this post actually include me. There are loads of incredible shots on the photographer’s page.

Saitama: Matt

Genos: Charlotron Cosplays

Amai Mask: Nesabi Cosplay (FB), @nesabi.cosplay (IG)

Metal Bat: @delinquentdandy (IG)

Sonic: Blue-Ly and Lord Sass Cosplay


Max Galactica cosplay (and construction guide)


Max cosplay complete! Excuse my slightly dodgy tattoo coverage – I’m using a different product to usual and am not used to how it works!

Costume made and worn by me, Nesabi Cosplay; photography by Eidolon Photographic. Really looking forward to wearing this at a convention this year!

Construction guide can be found here.